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Developing the skills that lead to success through Shakespeare and Rock 'n' Roll.

Our students perform Shakespeare and play in a rock band in our after-school program.  Check it out!

We give instruments to our passionate young musicians to keep!

We award academic, arts, and technology scholarships to our students.

Student Testimonial at Green Room 42 Benefit Concert

The Archer Shakespeareans is a theater and music program at Archer Elementary School in The Bronx, NY that provides 4th - 8th grade students with the opportunity to study and perform a Shakespeare play and learn how to play in a rock band.

The purpose of The Archer Shakespeareans is to have Shakespeare and music serve as mediums through which children develop vital life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. This is the seventh year of The Archer Shakespeareans.  

Friends of The Archer Shakespeareans, Inc. is a nonprofit public charity that raises funds to directly support The Archer Shakespeareans program and its scholarships.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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